In the family law field, judgments cover everything from child and spousal support to visitation arrangements. Sometimes the procedures put in place during the initial separation or divorce no longer adequately cover the needs of the family. In these instances, the modification process allows parents and individuals to request that the court make changes to the current arrangements to better accommodate the needs of the family.

Pierson Family Law, LLC will help you if you need to file a motion to modify. Pierson Family Law, LLC, and Jason K. Pierson offer modification services to families in Portland who are facing a change in life circumstances that warrants a new custody or support arrangement.

Understanding What Orders Can Be Modified

Only some of the orders surrounding divorce or separation can be modified. Division of property is considered final when the divorce is final. Also, debt divided from a finalized divorce typically cannot be modified, unless some fraud occurred. However, spousal support (alimony), child support, child custody, and parenting time judgments can usually be modified if a substantial change of circumstances has occurred since the original judgment, or the change can be shown to be in the best interests of the child or children.

Regardless of the order type, if you are considering filing for modification, you must be able to prove that there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the original judgment that was not foreseen at the time of entry of judgment. Job loss or a substantial change of income of one or both of the parties, or a new life circumstance for the child may require modification. If you are curious about whether or not modification is appropriate in your case, please call Pierson Family Law, LLC for assistance.

Benefits of Working with a Modification Attorney in Portland

If you desire modifications to your custody or support arrangements, working with a modification attorney is important. Pierson Family Law, LLC understands the local courts and the current Oregon law, and can help you weigh the pros and cons of the process to determine if it’s right for you. Jason Pierson has worked with multiple families in the Portland area who are facing this question, and he can guide you through the process to make sure you are making a wise choice. If modification is right for you, he will help with the filing process to ensure your case is presented in the best possible light. Working with Pierson Family Law, LLC improves your chances of having your modification motion accepted and getting the change that you need.

If you are considering filing for modification of your child custody, child support or spousal support judgments, talk to Pierson Family Law, LLC, for guidance. With compassionate advocacy, Attorney Jason Pierson can help.