When you and your partner have decided that divorce is the best option for your marriage, you need to make many important decisions. In addition to the actual process of divorcing your spouse, you need to consider division of assets and the future income you both will need for a comfortable lifestyle. Spousal or child support may also play a role, as well as child related issues, which are addressed separately under separate sections due to their complexity. As a result, you will want to partner with a Portland divorce attorney throughout this process. Pierson Family Law, LLC offers the services of a divorce attorney in Portland and the surrounding areas that will help you protect your best interests while streamlining the divorce process.

Avoid Errors in the Divorce That Could Cost You

When you partner with Pierson Family Law, LCC you will be able to avoid costly mistakes as you go through the divorce process. Some mistakes can delay the process, leaving you in the lurch while waiting to finalize your divorce. Other mistakes can leave you with financial losses that make it difficult to rebuild your life after divorce. Jason Pierson helps his clients avoid these mistakes, all while offering divorce services with care and compassion.

Protect Your Future with Guidance from Pierson Family Law, LLC

One of the most important components of a divorce is the division of property. Unfortunately, it is easy for one party to overtake this process, leaving the other party without adequate financial support after the divorce. The division needs to be fair and equitable, whenever possible, but it’s also important to consider items, like a family home, that can’t be physically separated. Also, financial support may need to be considered, especially in relationships where one spouse was the primary breadwinner. Determining the right amount of support and planning for an equitable division of property, all while considering future financial needs, can be navigated with Pierson Family Law, LLC.

As you prepare for the days ahead, partner with Jason Pierson for compassionate and competent advocacy that will make it possible for you to protect your interests and move forward with your life after divorce. Divorce is rarely easy, but with the right divorce attorney at your side, the process can be much less stressful. Contact Pierson Family Law, LLC, today.