Unfortunately, people do not always follow the agreement or orders put into place after an initial case is completed, or someone may be alleging that you are not in strict conformance with a previous judgment or order.  The remedies Oregon offers against individuals who are not in compliance with a previous court order or judgment are contempt or enforcement.  Typically the remedy of contempt is for a party who is not in compliance with some financial provision of the judgment.  Alternatively, enforcement typically involves the enforcement of child related issues, such as enforcement of a parenting plan.

Pierson Family Law, LLC will help you if you need to file a motion for contempt or enforcement, or if you need to defend against one of these motions. Pierson Family Law, LLC, and Jason K. Pierson offer analysis and representation to families in Portland who require an interpretation of the rights and responsibilities of each party or parent subject to the previous judgment or order.

When to File a Motion for Contempt

If your ex has had ample time to come into compliance with an order from the court, and has refused to do so for one reason or another, it may be time to file a Motion for Contempt.  Some of the issues that can be addressed via a Motion for Contempt are:

  • Delinquent spousal support
  • Delinquent child support
  • Non-transfer of property required from a previous judgment
  • Unreasonable delay of financial requirements from a previous judgment

Pierson Family Law, LLC can help you navigate this process to not only ensure the other party comes into compliance with the order or judgment, but also ensure that the other party has an incentive to continue to abide by the previous court order through sanctions permitted by Oregon law.

When to File a Motion for Enforcement

When not dealing with financial concerns, the Oregon court also has the authority to enforce provisions of a previous judgment or order.  This most commonly occurs regarding issues of parenting time.  When another parent is withholding parenting time in violation of the parenting plan in place, it can be an incredibly stressful experience.  Likewise, if your ex is alleging that you have violated the parenting plan, it can be equally concerning.  Attorney Jason Pierson focuses his practice on situations like these, and provides not only fierce advocacy, but a compassionate understanding to the experience you are going through.

If you are considering filing for contempt or enforcement, or if you have been served with enforcement or contempt paperwork, talk to Pierson Family Law, LLC, for guidance. With compassionate advocacy, Attorney Jason Pierson can help.