As a parent and step-parent, Jason Pierson understands that your children’s well-being is your top priority. Both parents have the responsibility to provide for the general well-being of your children. If you’re having trouble getting the child support you deserve to give your children the best possible life, Pierson Family Law, LLC, is ready to help with compassionate and competent advocacy.

Understanding Oregon Child Support Laws

Oregon child support is set according to administrative rules and Oregon laws. Whenever a judgment or court order occurs regarding support of children, whether during divorce or legal separation, the child support guideline amount is calculated. This guideline is used by the courts to determine the actual child support amount, and typically it’s close to the guideline calculation. Many factors are used to determine the guideline, including:

  • The parent’s income
  • Work-related daycare costs
  • Health insurance costs
  • Parenting time division
  • Spousal support amounts
  • Any children from prior relationships

Because of these differing factors, the amount of child support is rarely the same from one parent to the next.  Pierson Family Law, LLC will ensure you understand these regulations and what amount of support is fair for your child or children.

Services from Pierson Family Law, LLC

In addition to figuring child support amounts, working with a child support attorney will help you with other aspects of the child support process. For instance, if you are supposed to be receiving support, but the other parent is failing to provide it, your attorney will be able to help you get the support you deserve. If you feel that the amount is no longer fair or sufficient, Jason Pierson can also help with that.

A child support attorney can also help Oregon parents who are asked to pay support. If your personal and financial situation has changed and your child support amount is no longer something you can afford, you can partner with Pierson Family Law, LLC to help petition the courts to get the amount reduced.

No matter what your child support needs may be, attorney Jason Pierson is ready to assist you. Contact Pierson Family Law, LLC, to make an appointment with a compassionate child support attorney, and ensure your children’s needs are being met through adequate and fair child support.