When parents make the decision to divorce, one of the primary concerns the courts will handle is the way parenting will be scheduled. Parenting time refers to those times when the children are in the care of one parent, and not the other. The division of parenting time needs to consider the child’s best interests as well as the parenting goals of the parents. If you are facing the decision of how to split parenting time, you need to partner with a Portland parenting time attorney to ensure your needs are considered by the courts. Pierson Family Law, LLC can help guide you through this process so you get a parenting time arrangement that is in the best interests of your children while also protecting your rights as a parent.

Important Considerations for Parenting Time

When deciding on parenting time, parents and the courts will need to consider those times of the year when disagreements are common. For example, parents must decide where the child will spend:

  • Important holidays
  • Weekdays
  • Weekends
  • Summer break
  • Other school breaks
  • Birthdays

Pierson Family Law, LLC can help you consider all of these potential issues so you can arrive at an arrangement that is fair to your children and the parents.

In addition to these times of year, the courts must also consider the suitability of the parents to care for the child. In cases of abuse or neglect, parenting time may require supervision. Also, parenting time and child support payments are often linked, as the parent who has more time with the child will typically receive support from the other parent. Again, these considerations have to be weighed carefully to ensure everyone gets a fair and adequate arrangement.

Handle Disputes with a Parenting Time Attorney in Portland

Even after arrangements have been settled, disputes can arise. Sometimes a child or parent’s life circumstances change, and other times the arrangement stops being in the child’s best interests. When disputes arise, it is important to have an attorney who specializes in parenting time to help.

Pierson Family Law, LLC provides parenting time services in Portland and the surrounding communities. Whether you are setting up your initial agreement or wish to make modifications to your arrangement for the future, I can help. Contact Pierson Family Law, LLC, today to discuss your case with a seasoned, compassionate parenting time attorney.