When you and your partner have decided that divorce is the best option for your marriage, you need to make many important decisions. In addition to the actual process of divorcing your spouse, you need to consider division of assets and the future income you both will need for a comfortable lifestyle.

Child Custody

In Oregon, either parent can be awarded custody of your child or children, or the parents can share joint custody , but only if both parents agree to this arrangement.

Child Support

Oregon child support is set according to administrative rules and Oregon laws. Whenever a judgment or court order occurs regarding support of children, whether during divorce or legal separation, the child support guideline amount is calculated.

Parenting Time

When parents make the decision to divorce, one of the primary concerns the courts will handle is the way parenting will be scheduled. Parenting time refers to those times when the children are in the care of one parent, and not the other.


In the family law field, judgments cover everything from child and spousal support to visitation arrangements. Sometimes the procedures put in place during the initial separation or divorce no longer adequately cover the needs of the family.

Contempt and Enforcement

Unfortunately, people do not always follow the agreement or orders put into place after an initial case is completed, or someone may be alleging that you are not in strict conformance with a previous judgment or order.  The remedies Oregon offers against individuals who are not in compliance with a previous court order or judgment are contempt or enforcement.

Domestic Violence

If your relationship contains a domestic violence component, it can be scary for both you and your children.  In an Oregon family law context, there are several remedies and options that you should consider to ensure your safety, and the safety of your children.